Our Philosophy

At Leivatho Hotel, we believe that luxury lays in hospitality, simplicity, discretion, authenticity, healthy life and in understanding aesthetics as culture, as a source of inner satisfaction. Ultimately a simpler, more human and more respectful way to relate to our world..
  • Modern Architecture

    Architecture is the canvas where people can experience natural beauty through a design strategy that encourages interaction with physical environment.

    Organic Farming

    Leivatho Hotel is committed to provide high quality products to its customers. We cultivate our own organic vegetables which supply our restaurant's everyday needs. We choose to use organic extra virgin olive oil, "Omikron".

  • Water Waste Management

    A water recycling policy is implemented where used water is bio-mechanically cleaned and then re-used for watering purposes. Water consumption is reduced to almost 50%, which combined with the local flora contributes towards the conservation of a precious natural resource.


    Here at Leivatho Hotel, from the owner to the gardener, we are committed to offer a “home away from home” feeling. Our primary goal is to make our guests feel welcome and allow them to enjoy a relaxed home atmosphere with the luxuries of a 4 star accommodation.

  • Recycling & Renewable Energy

    In the spirit of sustainable architecture and respect for our environment, Leivatho Hotel introduces a strict policy for recycling paper, glass, plastic and composting of organic waste. Leivatho hotal participates in the global movement against climate change and reducing its carbon footprint. We use solar energy to produce electricity and water heating. Furthermore, we aim at the gradual limitation of the use of plastic, or other non recyclabe materials, in our hotel.

    Natural Linen & Soaps

    Leivatho Hotel uses 100% cotton linen and offers natural bulk soaps and amenities to its guests

Pleasure defines holiday


Leivatho Hotel has been awarded for the modern and sustainable architecture as well as for the excellent and high quality hospitality services.

Award of Excellence

2013 Award

2014 Award

2015 Award

Booking Award 2015

2016 Award

Booking Award 2015

2017 Award

Booking Award 2017

Certificate of Excellence

2013 Winner

Certificate of Excellence
2013 Winner

2014 Winner

Certificate of Excellence
2014 Winner

2015 Winner

Certificate of Excellence
2015 Winner

Award of excelence 2019

"Certificate Hotels.com 2019"



  • Absolutely fantastic hotel and location.

    Maria and the entire staff are so helpful, friendly, welcoming and charming!(big hug also to Eleni, Anna, Katarina and Aris). The room and all facilities were stunning and very well looked after! Thank you very much for this wonderful holiday! We'll see you soon !

    User 1
    Delphine, UK (Facebook)
  • A wonderful experience

    A beautiful contemporary hotel with comfortable, well designed and equipped rooms. The staff are all very friendly and helpful and the location is lovely.

    User 2
    David, United Kingdom (Tripadvisor)
  • Had the perfect holiday

    Very friendly helpful staff good sized accommodation, food was just perfect, would definitely go back,.... This is the first time I've taken the trouble to fill in one of these questionnaires, I really couldn't fault the place...

    User 2
    David, United Kingdom (Booking.com)


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